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Founded: 1963

California Pools, by Janine Wilson is a boutique swimming pool builder.

Janine specializes in designing and building unique swimming pools for small or large backyards. As a premier pool and spa builder, she manages each project for high-quality results. Affordable upgrades are a speciality.

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  Sarah Myhand, Spring Texas.  ”As with any construction project, nothing ever goes perfectly. The few bumps in the road were handled phenomenally by Janine.”   

Janine specifies & oversees every project.  For the highest-safety codes, for swimming pool, in The Woodlands, call or email Janine today.   As an old-fashioned swimming pool designer, Janine hand sketches.  For any sized swimming pool, Janine offers a turnkey approach.

From Lorraine Bruce, Shenandoah:  “You’ve no idea how delighted I am with this pool Janine!!  Other builders said I couldn’t put one in and you not only did it but gave me more than I could ever have hoped for!  You have improved my quality of life to no end and shielded me from the trauma involved Thank you!!!!”

As a designer, Janine specializes in swimming pool colors & material selections.  With experience, from thousands of construction hours, Janine can design and construct any sized water vessel.  She starts from cocktail pool thru to Olympic sized, from minimalism to Palladianism.  And many styles between!

Custom Swimming Pool Builder, The Woodlands,

Confession from the Business Owner, Janine Wilson:  Janine’s obsessive & compulsive standards are difficult to achieve in a backward industry but are worth achieving.  Check our secret benefits, from the boutique pool designer & builder of The Woodlands, Texas.  Call or email Janine Today.    Janine specializes in design to build, turnkey projects.  She designs unique swimming pools for small or large backyards.  As a premier pool and spa builder, she manages each project from beginning to end with attention to detail.  Janine offers many options to choose from. Ask her about the luxury upgrades and options.  More from Lorraine Bruce of Shenandoah, Texas: If you’re worried about the stress that a building project brings with it then simply choose Janine Wilson as your pool builder and sit back!”   With emphasis on the technology, Janine keeps up with the trends and sets trends.  With an emphasis on education, Janine attends major trade shows for education.  Ask her any question about water-proofing pools, calcium scaling, saltwater systems, glass tile, interior finishes, natural stones, automation, etc.  And you will receive answers filled with facts, for making the best decision about your swimming pool purchase.  Janine will sometimes answer with, “I do not know.”  If Janine does not know an answer, she will go to any length to discover the factsCall or email Janine about any technical or non-technical question today.   Janine does not sell, she educates.  If you want an unbiased, objective options to build a swimming pool, call or email Janine today.   An expert in The Woodlands swimming pool approvals, Janine works closely with the building officials to get your plans approved.  It takes longer to get approvals in The Woodlands.  But the building inspectors are really easy to work with.  From Duncan Ford of The Woodlands:  “Janine with California Pools has been great to work with on our project. Although we ultimately decided to delay the project due to other factors, working with Janine has been a 5 star experience.”   Thinking about having your pool built in The woodlands?  If you need answers, contact or email Janine today. 

Fact: Over 30 inspections for each pool project.  From Laurence Godin, Houston Texas. She [Janine] has been very helpful with finding and offering solutions when unexpected events came up. She came on site for all major milestones and paid careful attention to all details and inspecting everything after the crews to make sure the work was up to her high quality standards.”     

Fact: With old-fashion skills and imagination, Janine uses pencil sketching in perspective to create designs. 

Fact: With attention to Detail: Janine produces up to 35 construction plans for my projects, 34 more than a typical pool builder or pool contractor. 

Fact: With an education in advanced building methods, she uses standards from 13 reputable institutes

Fact: with knowledge of The Woodlands, she works with geotechnical engineers and structural engineers. Together, we create the vault-strength pool construction (optional upgrade for soil and engineering). 

Fact: With higher building standards, for swimming pools, our warranties extend for longer periods. 

Fact: With up to 250’ of copper bonding wire, we build safe swimming pools.